Welcome to Thrift Soham

Thrift CLT for Soham
Thrift CLT for Soham is an Industrial and Provident Society (IPS) formed for the benefit of the community of Soham.

The Thrift CLT aims to:
Provide and manage well designed, high quality and energy efficient affordable homes for local people, provide other community assets to help employment and skills and to help our community remain sustainable.

What is a Community Land Trust?
Community Land Trusts (or CLTs) are when people from a village, street, neighbourhood or town get together to create a charitable organisation for the good of their community. Run completely by volunteers, the management trustees are voted for by its members. A CLT strives to meet the long-term needs of its community, for example building permanently affordable housing, workspaces or acquiring pubs, gardens and shops; these then stay owned by the community forever.